Game And Nature


Game and Nature – Today, there are nearly 7,000 national parks around the world, … the eye of the beholder, these parks offer the best in magnificent landscapes.

Boukornine National Park– The 1,939-hectare (4,790-acre) park was established on 12 February 1987. It is very near to the town of Hammam-Lif and just 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) to the capital city of Tunis. At the park, one can find flowers like the Persian cyclamen and animals like the Etruscan shrew (the world’s smallest known mammal) and the Mountain gazelle. The park is the site of Jebel Boukornine (a 576-metre mountain) and the Aïn Zargua spring, …

The El Feija Park– Located about 200km west of Tunis the capital, El Feija Park was designated as a preserve for the Barbary deer. The 417 hac park is home to a variety of mammals such as jackal, weasel, fox, wild boars, hedgehog, wild cats, porcupine,hare , bat, mongoose and many other small mammals. More than 70 different species of birds are found in the park and these include levaillant pic, cuckoo, wood pigeon, squire, owl, raven, hawk, booted eagle, warbele, canary and the blackbird to mention a few.

The Belvedere Park– The creation of the park of Belvedere, drawn by Joseph OF LAFORCADE architect-landscape designer, gardener in chief of the town of Paris, was approved by the municipal council of the town of Tunis in 1892. The choice of the site related to a hill of olive grove, private property (Habous), located on the road of Ariana. Since its opening to the public, the park became the place of walk and attraction preferred of Tunisians.

The purpose of Friguia animal park is to preserve the animal species by favouring the development of thosemost threatened.In collaboration with the zoological garden of Paris and the Tunisian forestry commission, we work here to repopulate decimated animal species in order to reintroduce them into their natural environment.


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